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Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence

Representing the 14th District of Michigan

Congresswoman Lawrence on Iran Nuclear Agreement

July 14, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “I am looking forward to reviewing the full scope and text of the agreement that was reached with Iran today. I have been very clear in my previous comments and statements that I am extremely sensitive to the concerns that many of my constituents have shared with me regarding any nuclear agreement with Iran.

There must be no ambiguity regarding the United States’ readiness to enforce all options should Iran pursue development of a nuclear weapon and this agreement must deny Iran any and all pathways to a nuclear weapon while providing clear guidelines and enforcement mechanisms for removing any threat of such a weapon against the U.S., Israel, and our European and Gulf allies.

Though some of my colleagues in Congress have rushed to judgment on this agreement, either in criticism or praise, I will reserve further comment until I have had time to review this agreement in its entirety and I have been able to discuss the profound implications of such an agreement with key stakeholders and concerned constituents in my District. I am also scheduled to travel to the region within a few weeks.

I would like to thank President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the countless U.S. officials who have been dedicated to this crucial task over the past two years. While Congress has a great deal of work ahead regarding the review of this agreement, we must not fail to recognize the historic achievement made today. I congratulate all those involved for their valiant efforts to stabilize the Gulf region and pave the path for peace and prosperity for the United States, for Israel, and for the world.”