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Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence

Representing the 14th District of Michigan

Rep. Lawrence Statement on Trump’s Government Reorganization Plan

June 22, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C.-Rep. Lawrence statement on the Trump administration’s proposal to merge the Labor and Education departments as part of a broader reorganization of the federal government.

“The Trump administration’s plan to reorganize the federal government is simply another attack on essential programs that serve our people. This administration is working to reduce the size of government no matter the cost, but these cuts have major consequences. There is a place for collaboration and smart reforms, but not for major consolidations and cuts to basic assistance for millions of Americans.

“The proposal to merge the Labor and Education Departments is particularly misguided. While an emphasis on school-to-workforce training and expanding access to apprenticeships is a good plan, this can and should be done in a collaborative manner with two fully functioning government agencies. The Education Department is one of the smallest federal government agencies, with under 4,000 employees, which has shrunk by more than 10% since President Trump took office and Secretary DeVos instituted a departmentwide hiring freeze. One of the smallest agencies that manages one of America’s greatest challenges needs more employees, more funding and support—not less. We need an independent education agency to support K-12 education, student loans, the skilled trades, STEM education for women and minorities, civil rights in our schools, and the education our children deserve. We also need to protect the Labor Department’s critical efforts to enforce minimum-wage laws, ensure workplace safety, and safeguard workplace benefits and rights.

“I am also concerned about proposals in this plan to potentially privatize the Postal Service, consolidate health and welfare programs, remove SNAP from the Agriculture Department, and revamp other programs without Congressional input. Any plans that would affect the American people should go through Congress, and I will continue to be vigilant about this Administration’s actions.”


Lawrence is a member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the Executive Branch and ensuring that federal agencies do their job to serve the American people.